Aug 29, 2010

day 03: your parents

I'm really keeping up with this challenge, most of the time I start with day one and then I get tired of it and stop doing it. Well, cheers to me!

There's not much to say besides that my parents are very nice and kind of the best. My mum's a stay-at-home mum that works very hard and my dad's a non-stay-at-home father that works even harder. I really like doing stuff with my mum, we mostly go shopping or eating out, and it's always very cosy and funny. I also like being with my dad, I especially like going to the movies with him, yesterday we went to see The Expendables (which is awesome btw). I like that my parents and me have the same taste in music, movies and other random stuff. I mostly watch movies that other normal girls wouldn't really see, at those moments my dad steps in and watches it with me. I also got to know a lot of music bands and artists through my parents. Artists like Dire Straits, Nick Cave, Nat King Cole and other lovely artists who make/made real music.

Basically, I love my parents, period ;)

Thanks for reading, hope you  have a nice day! A non-challenge blog will be up soon. And welcome to my new followers!

Aug 28, 2010

day 02: your first love

I'm probably interpreting this the wrong way, but I'm a rebel. It's in my nature to be... special. My first love was Walt Disney. My parents bought me the Disney Classics when I was little, and I've learned that it was created from the hand and mind of Walt. Basically, he completed my childhood and made it rich (it's cheesy, but I'm in a cheesy mood).

He's still a bit of a love to me, he's still living through the Disney works (the real Disney works) and I still appreciate every single Mickey Mouse film. This man was truly a genius, a big one.

Thanks for reading!

Aug 26, 2010

day 01: introduce yourself

I'm barely posting here because 1) I'm lazy 2) I seem to forget I need to shoot my outfits 3) I'm more obsessed with Livejournal, Tumblr and Twitter and 4) uhmm ... yeah. So to have more activity on here, I'm doing the famously overdone 30 day challenge! Be prepared to read something daily of me, for 30 days long ;)

I will try to do this in an interesting way, because typing out myself is surprisingly boring.

My name is Sari ~ it's a South African name and it means flower (random, how fun). I live in Antwerp, Belgium but I want to live in London. My life basically revolves around: photography, fashion, illustration, making graphics with Photoshop, blogging, friends, pets, parents, traveling, studies (life's a struggle hihi), movies and many other things I might forget. I like walking barefoot in wet grass, watching clouds change shape, walking in the rain and rediscovering myself every day. I graduated with a diploma Fine Arts and I'm going to uni soon to study Graphic Arts - Commercial. I have a dream that I get to be a photographer for something like Vogue magazine. Other than that, just having a job later would be nice.

My favourite movie types are: historical, fantasy and Asian. My favourite movie of all time is Dragonheart, I'm also very in love with Red Cliff. My favourite book types are: fantasy, classic children's stories and classics. My favourite authors are Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, the brothers Grimm and Oscar Wilde. In general I'm obsessive about the Harry Potter fandom and anything related to Disney (I go to Disneyland a lot with my mum♥ and I'm collecting the Disney Classics). I'm also interested in Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology, following that I like movies like The Mummy, Odyssee and Clash of the Titans. (and Hercules of Disney). Some of my favourite "celebrities" are: Marilyn Monroe, Colin Morgan, Sean Connery, Adrien Brody, Nicolas Cage, Gaspard Ulliel and Emma Watson (all of them because of: talent, looks and awesomeness).

My personality you say? I tend to be very childlike and I think some people want to grow up too fast. I'm also very helpful (I think I inheritated that from my dad, he, also, often helps people before helping himself). Many people say I'm nice, polite and funny. Thank you people, I guess it's true :) That's about it actually, if you want to know something, just ask! I'll be happy to answer.

Small off-topic: my shawl is finished! A picture with better quality coming soon (and one that's more interesting).

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a nice day/night!!

Aug 22, 2010

where the wild roses grow

Hey everybody! This probably won't be an interesting blog as this is just an outfit post. I haven't been very busy or anything, so not much has happened. My mum did had a surprise for me yesterday, we (as in my parents and myself) went to the mall of Liège (which is almost on the other side of our country...) to go to Primark. It was a bit disappointing, but not bad. I must say, it's very cheap which is always nice and their juwelry is pretty (pics coming soon). I also got two winter coats and boots from my mum aren't they deliciously gorgeous? They're all from New Look. I must say, New Look is close to beating H&M in my list of favourite stores.
And this is the outfit; I wore it on a day out with some friends.
Top H&M; Skirt H&M; Legging H&M; Shoes New Look; Bracelets thrifted; Necklaces Accesorize
(meet my doggy, Benny)

Oh, and my mum finished my shawl! I'm so happy with it, I'm in love with the whool and it's color.

Well, this turned out to be a blog after all (a long one), fancy that.
Hope you all have a nice day and thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing!

Aug 14, 2010

when the birds come fly

First of all, thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post(s). You're all so very nice!

Yesterday was fun. It ended in a shopping day, which is pretty nice. I went to Antwerp with someone I know from school. She's really nice but we never really meet outside of school. And now we did. She asked me to go with her a couple of days ago. It's so nice when someone asks you, I mean, it does mean they like you a bit. And it worked out, it seems that we both have the same taste in accesoires and clothing. We took the same clothes to the fitting rooms, it was quite funny. She also convinced me to take a look inside Accesorize's store. Man, that store is so pretty! So many gorgeous necklaces, I think I'll be visiting that store a lot!

This is what I wore, it's the very first time I wore a legging with a print. So this is very... daring for me. I like it! :)
Belt Veritas; Dress Action; Legging New Look; Shoes New Look; Cardigan H&M; Necklace thrift

Also, my mum finished her shawl. It's so pretty! I got to wear it and it feels so soft. Now she's making one for me, but a longer one so I can wear it all the way around my neck! She's great :)

I loveee it!

And here are the pieces I bought yesterday! I'm so happy with them, and I'm greatly in love with the leggings. Oh, and this is the very first time I bought a nice and decent short!! They never fit me! And now I found one, YAY. The photo's are a bit unflattering to the pieces, but I'm sure I'm wearing these very soon and a lot. Now to think of it, I'm just in love with all of these pieces! And most of them were cheap as hell.

(the orange dress is more yellow than on the photo)

Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with my mum and maybe eat out. We're seeing The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I'm curious if Disney got it right, again. I'm pretty sure they did, it's from the same director as National Treasure and I loved those two movies.

I also added some links to my sidebar. To my Chictopia, Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to add me to those, but if you do, could you send a note about who you are? Just to make you aren't an internet perv ;)

Hope you have a nice day and THANKS for reading!♥
Now I'm going to eat some spaghetti! :)

Aug 13, 2010

knitting and wanted

Hey everyone and welcome to my new followers♥! I hope you all like my blog.

Yesterday I decided to pick up knitting again. Now that my mother is so busy making these wonderful knit works, I'm so tempted by doing the same. I'm still a noob when it comes to knitting though, I can only do the basic stitch. But that's enough to make a shawl! I'm doing a  moebius shawl (is that even the right name?), I'm kind of addicted to them but I only own one or two of them. Reason enough to make one, right?! I chose red, matches my nails! ;)

I'm also lurking around at online shops of my favourite stores such as H&M and New Look to see if they have pieces for the fall/winter yet. Since I lost a lot of weight, I don't own any warm clothing that fits. I can't possibly go out in the winter without a jacket and no pants... right? These are some pieces I'm quite drawn to.

Hope you all have a nice day and thanks for reading!

Aug 11, 2010

red nails

Red nails ♥ I love mine!
Can't stop staring at them.

I've wanted red nails for a while now, and now I have. I'm happy! :)
I'll post an outfit soon, I've tried to take pictures of my yesterday outfit, but it began to rain, and I hate outfit pictures in my room... sort of. Oh, and hello to my new followers! It's nice to know that some people do read my blog! Welcome!!

Hope you all have a nice day, and thanks for reading.

Aug 9, 2010

Mrs. Pollymoggle and outfit

Blogging seems to be in our family. My mum has created a blog, Mrs. Pollymoggle, where she shares her love for knitting and crochets. She's currently busy with knitting shawls and I had the opportunity to wear for a couple of seconds.

These photos were taken to show the shawl on her blog, so the Hello Kitty shirt has nothing to do with it. I really like the pattern and the color. I'm still amazed at what my mum can do with just some thread. She buys her wool and stuff online, so she gets packages almost every day. Which is pretty fun. I also want to show you some wool she got today, such pretty colors! It's Wollmeise or something, appearantly it's a really famous wool store. They dye the wool by hand and use different shades. Gorgeous.

Saturday I purchased this stretchy jeans skirt from H&M. I made a combination with an oversized tshirt (also from H&M) I bought some time ago. It's casual, loose and doesn't have a real shape. But I like it. I also bought an owl ring from H&M (I'm in love with that store) and shower gel with peach.

owl ring, skirt and oversized tshirt: H&M

That's about it for now. The outfit post isn't that cool or amazing, but it's the best I can do for now. Tomorrow I'm going to see Toy Story 3 with a friend and I'm planning to start on some quilts again (I once started doing this, but I gave up after a while).

Thanks for reading!

Aug 5, 2010

god save the queen

Hey bloggers and readers!

Here I am with the pictures from London. I quite like them. As I said in my previous blog, my friend wasn't really enthousiastic about the whole trip (which still makes me wonder why the hell she went along in the first place). My friend didn't want any pictures of her and she wasn't keen on taking pictures of me neither. Conclusion: I have maybe three photos of me in London and I regret that.

But enough about the friend, let's leave her be. Here are my pictures!

The very first picture of me in London and the only one my friend took of me. She even didn't want to photograph me, just the clocks inside this real estate shop. But ha! I ruined her photo, I'm bad.

The very first thing we did: visiting the Sherlock Holmes museum. And this is one the only pants I own, I'm a dress&skirt girl. But I love this pants, it's comfy and still nice to see. And now, on to the random pictures of London.


(left: the three daughters of Zeus, gorgeous)

All I can say right at this moment is that London has a great range of gorgeous buildings and statues. And I definitely want to visit London again, those three days were not enough to discover it all.

Some other news, I went to see Predators with my mum yesterday. Gotta love Adrien Brody's body ... I mean, acting talent ;) Anyway, it was good. Not the best I've ever seen, but by far not the worst either (and I've seen A LOT of bad movies). Now, tonight I'm going to see Robin Hood with my dad (the Russell Crowe version). I hope it's a good one too.

Thanks for reading.