May 1, 2010

how men come hunting for souls

So here I am with my first blog. My mum bought me these two lovely necklaces at a small boutique in our local town yesterday. The clothes in the boutique were so expensive, I almost fell down by amazement ... But when we asked for the necklaces (we saw them on a doll, so there was no price) I didn't fell down, my mum payed £3 for each (I think). It's a bargain, right? At least in my opinion ;)

The gold one is my favourite, especially because when you turn it around it's exactly the same. Lots of necklaces have these flat and ugly backsides, but oh no, this one is exactly the same on both sides. It's heaven. But on the other hand ... the owl is so cute, I mean, just  look at those big pink eyes.

Another thing that made me happy today is a one year subscription of Dazed&Confused magazine, thank you mum!

And I'm currently working on school, how interesting, and I just finished this illustration for a book cover. We had to re-create a book cover for illustrations class, I chose Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I kind of like it, altough the rabbit isn't a rabbit. It's like a combination of a ginea pig and a dog. Imagine that ...

It's Saturday, yay. Have a nice weekend!

a new beginning

My name is Sari, this is supposed to become my blog to entegrate all of my passions in one place. Fashion, photography, movies, art and other stuff that tend to inspire me. I always wanted this kind of blog so I hope this will work out. Throughout my blog I'll probably tell some stuff about me, but if you already have some questions, feel free to ask them, I'll be happy to answer.

On this moment I just want to blog about my inspiration, life and other things. I want to be a happy blogger. This is a new beginning, this is bananacreame.