Jun 13, 2010

exam period

I haven't been active here, because school is being the biggest b-iatch ever. I finished my GIP about a week ago (a test at the end of your graduating year) and now my exams have started. Tomorrow will be Maths and then Music Aesthetics, so I will be needing to study hard! My exams will be over in a couple of weeks, I do hope I'll graduate. It's exciting and tenseful.

Until then you won't be seeing anything from me. No pictures, inspirations or blogs. But when summer break starts, I will be alive and kicking and I'll try to upload my very first outfit!

Until then, my lovely readers.


  1. looking forward to your new posts!!

    goodluck with your exams!! :D you're gonna do well, don't stress too much.. :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. @libys11 Thanks! :D They're almost over, 4 to go! *sigh*


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