Jun 26, 2010

small step for (wo)man

 am officially graduated! I am beyond amazement how awesome I did, I'm so happy. I'm also glad it's finally summer break. Altough this week I still have to work a lot on my test to get into uni where I want to study for a degree in commercial arts. I'm so excited, I really hope I can get in.

So there was this whole proclamation at a gallery for the graduates, wich was pretty boring. One of the few positive things was that I got to wear my new outfit. This is my very very very first outfit post, so please don't mind my lack of talent for posing. I just snapped some quickies in my room.
(this picture is just too funny for not showing)
dress: H&M / blazer: H&M / belt: vintage, gift from friend / shoes: Clarks / bracelets: grandma's necklaces

After the proclamation my parents and I headed to an Italian restaurant where we once ate when I was six or something, so obviously I didn't remember. After some long thinking I eventually chose a pizza with ham, mushrooms and egg. My dad got the Canneloni Bolognese and my mum got the most delicious scampi's with Diablo sauce. My pizza was great, my dad's canneloni wasn't my style but he said it was great too and my mum's dish was the best ever. I just love spicy dished, it's how I roll.

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!


  1. lovely jacket!!


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  3. Oh my word! Your blazer is divine! And gosh! That pizza? Thanks. Your just made this pregnant lady very hungry!


  4. @Indiana Adams
    Thanks! Many people seem to like the blazer hehe :D

    And then, you should eat something!

    Also, thanks Krimly!

  5. It looks so tasty!


  6. Ohhhh I adore that blazer! It looked god awful on me :( but it looks AMAZING on you! Love the whole look :)

    Oh and btw, my mouth went a little crazy looking at that food, yummmm lol!

    - Franceta ♥

  7. Delicious food and fabolous look!
    I love above all the dress!



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