Sep 1, 2010

never seen the colors of your eyes

Nothing much to say today, I'm currently thinking about what to bring along to Disneyland Paris in four days (we're going for five days). I'm quite excited, as I'm still in my childhood (mentally) and I just love that you can behave like a child there and nobody thinks you're a complete retard.

Yesterday (or the day before, I forgot) my mum finished a pink shawl for me. It's so nice, it has little pink pearls in it, and I just love the color. It's also soft and has a special shape. I'm guessing this piece is going with me to Paris!

I'm loving this! It's also a good chance to show you my new necklace: the snake one. It reminds me a bit of Slytherin (in the Harry Potter series). I'm quite obsessed, I admit it ;) That's it for now, I don't have much to tell! Only that I'm having a birthday dinner on Saturday with friends. I'll probably bring along my camera as I love social photos (or what to call them).

Oh, and I had this dream last night, I dreamed of Adrien Brody! It was quite nice, as I do think he's very attractive... Yup, it was definitely a dream. If it comes true I wouldn't have any problems with it *sigh*.  
What did you dream about lately?

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a nice day!
Oh, and it's the first day of school today (in Belgium), good luck everybody! And good luck to the other students too, that go back to school soon. I'm going to uni on 17th Sept, still have time to chill.


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