Aug 29, 2010

day 03: your parents

I'm really keeping up with this challenge, most of the time I start with day one and then I get tired of it and stop doing it. Well, cheers to me!

There's not much to say besides that my parents are very nice and kind of the best. My mum's a stay-at-home mum that works very hard and my dad's a non-stay-at-home father that works even harder. I really like doing stuff with my mum, we mostly go shopping or eating out, and it's always very cosy and funny. I also like being with my dad, I especially like going to the movies with him, yesterday we went to see The Expendables (which is awesome btw). I like that my parents and me have the same taste in music, movies and other random stuff. I mostly watch movies that other normal girls wouldn't really see, at those moments my dad steps in and watches it with me. I also got to know a lot of music bands and artists through my parents. Artists like Dire Straits, Nick Cave, Nat King Cole and other lovely artists who make/made real music.

Basically, I love my parents, period ;)

Thanks for reading, hope you  have a nice day! A non-challenge blog will be up soon. And welcome to my new followers!


  1. dat is heel lief van je van die uilring !!
    maatje S heb ik normaal gezien! alvast bedankt voor de moeite!


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