Aug 22, 2010

where the wild roses grow

Hey everybody! This probably won't be an interesting blog as this is just an outfit post. I haven't been very busy or anything, so not much has happened. My mum did had a surprise for me yesterday, we (as in my parents and myself) went to the mall of Liège (which is almost on the other side of our country...) to go to Primark. It was a bit disappointing, but not bad. I must say, it's very cheap which is always nice and their juwelry is pretty (pics coming soon). I also got two winter coats and boots from my mum aren't they deliciously gorgeous? They're all from New Look. I must say, New Look is close to beating H&M in my list of favourite stores.
And this is the outfit; I wore it on a day out with some friends.
Top H&M; Skirt H&M; Legging H&M; Shoes New Look; Bracelets thrifted; Necklaces Accesorize
(meet my doggy, Benny)

Oh, and my mum finished my shawl! I'm so happy with it, I'm in love with the whool and it's color.

Well, this turned out to be a blog after all (a long one), fancy that.
Hope you all have a nice day and thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing!


  1. i love your floral tights,and the lovely outfit!:)

  2. So cute, love the pattern of your tights!

  3. dankje voor je reactie!
    ik vind je schoenen leuk,
    en je gif-jes!
    eerst die van het breien,
    nu deze, leuk!


  4. mag ik je even wat vragen?
    ik probeer nu een gifje te doen in mijn post van vanavond, en heb met unfreez een gif gemaakt,
    moet ik deze gewoon als afbeelding uploaden?

    want dat heb ik nu gedaan,
    maar in het voorbeeld "beweegt" ie niet,
    is dat wel na publiceren,
    of moet ik het anders doen?


  5. aah dankje voor de informatie,
    vanavond om 8 uur post ik,
    mijn GEWELDIGE nail art.
    nouja, dat vind ik!
    hopelijk met een gifje erbij!


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