Aug 5, 2010

god save the queen

Hey bloggers and readers!

Here I am with the pictures from London. I quite like them. As I said in my previous blog, my friend wasn't really enthousiastic about the whole trip (which still makes me wonder why the hell she went along in the first place). My friend didn't want any pictures of her and she wasn't keen on taking pictures of me neither. Conclusion: I have maybe three photos of me in London and I regret that.

But enough about the friend, let's leave her be. Here are my pictures!

The very first picture of me in London and the only one my friend took of me. She even didn't want to photograph me, just the clocks inside this real estate shop. But ha! I ruined her photo, I'm bad.

The very first thing we did: visiting the Sherlock Holmes museum. And this is one the only pants I own, I'm a dress&skirt girl. But I love this pants, it's comfy and still nice to see. And now, on to the random pictures of London.


(left: the three daughters of Zeus, gorgeous)

All I can say right at this moment is that London has a great range of gorgeous buildings and statues. And I definitely want to visit London again, those three days were not enough to discover it all.

Some other news, I went to see Predators with my mum yesterday. Gotta love Adrien Brody's body ... I mean, acting talent ;) Anyway, it was good. Not the best I've ever seen, but by far not the worst either (and I've seen A LOT of bad movies). Now, tonight I'm going to see Robin Hood with my dad (the Russell Crowe version). I hope it's a good one too.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow, awesome photos, I would love to be in London.

  2. @Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes Thanks! I like them too :D
    And if you EVER get the chance to go to London, you should definitely take it! It's amazing.

  3. @Lindsey Inderdaad! Het is zo leuk daar en handig, omdat het met de trein makkelijk te bereiken is! :D


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