Aug 14, 2010

when the birds come fly

First of all, thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post(s). You're all so very nice!

Yesterday was fun. It ended in a shopping day, which is pretty nice. I went to Antwerp with someone I know from school. She's really nice but we never really meet outside of school. And now we did. She asked me to go with her a couple of days ago. It's so nice when someone asks you, I mean, it does mean they like you a bit. And it worked out, it seems that we both have the same taste in accesoires and clothing. We took the same clothes to the fitting rooms, it was quite funny. She also convinced me to take a look inside Accesorize's store. Man, that store is so pretty! So many gorgeous necklaces, I think I'll be visiting that store a lot!

This is what I wore, it's the very first time I wore a legging with a print. So this is very... daring for me. I like it! :)
Belt Veritas; Dress Action; Legging New Look; Shoes New Look; Cardigan H&M; Necklace thrift

Also, my mum finished her shawl. It's so pretty! I got to wear it and it feels so soft. Now she's making one for me, but a longer one so I can wear it all the way around my neck! She's great :)

I loveee it!

And here are the pieces I bought yesterday! I'm so happy with them, and I'm greatly in love with the leggings. Oh, and this is the very first time I bought a nice and decent short!! They never fit me! And now I found one, YAY. The photo's are a bit unflattering to the pieces, but I'm sure I'm wearing these very soon and a lot. Now to think of it, I'm just in love with all of these pieces! And most of them were cheap as hell.

(the orange dress is more yellow than on the photo)

Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with my mum and maybe eat out. We're seeing The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I'm curious if Disney got it right, again. I'm pretty sure they did, it's from the same director as National Treasure and I loved those two movies.

I also added some links to my sidebar. To my Chictopia, Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to add me to those, but if you do, could you send a note about who you are? Just to make you aren't an internet perv ;)

Hope you have a nice day and THANKS for reading!♥
Now I'm going to eat some spaghetti! :)


  1. Nee, daar is een bod op, op de andere dingen dus niet. Als de hele foto enzo weg is is het verkocht

  2. Hele leuke dingetjes heb je gekocht en schattige outfit!

  3. De ketting heb ik net verkocht helaas! : (
    De rok heb ik wel nog, en natuurlijk verzend ik naar belgië, alleen zijn de verzendkosten dan wel iets hoger. Doe maar een bod : )

  4. Love your leggins and necklace!!! And gorgeous pieces you have bought!

    Love, Lana.

  5. Great purchases! Love the floral print tights :) xo

  6. your tights are cute - and i hope that you have fun at the movies x

  7. je blog is echt suuuperleuk ♥
    elkaar volgen?

  8. love your purchases! lovin your blog and outfit too!

    make sure to check out my Wildfox Giveaway!!

  9. your scarf is beautiful x

  10. @jamie-lee Thanks! I'll tell my mum haha! :D

  11. Wat leuk zeg allemaal! En je legging is super tof hoor;)

  12. So pretty ppictures of you! And we adore ths fashion you also have here
    Check out our new TV SHOW, we are always searching for inspiring styles/looks!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls


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